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Omar For PM To Be Kept Outside Lokpal Ambit

PTI 18 Aug 2011, 21:12:56 IST

Jammu, Aug 18: Asserting that Prime Minister should not fall under the ambit of Lokpal, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said Parliament is supreme and asked the civil society to trust its wisdom to put together best possible legislation that will help tackle corruption.

“Nobody should be given blank chit and nobody's activities should be condoned but the prime minister while in office should not fall under the purview of Lokpal...I believe once PM demit office, he should definitely fall under the ambit of Lokpal,” he told a press conference here today.

He asked the people to have trust in Parliament that it will take steps to tackle corruption.

“At the end of the day, Parliament in all its wisdom has to decide whether PM should fall under the preview of Lokpal or not... I think we should trust the wisdom of the people (MPs) to put together best possible legislation that will help to tackle corruption,” the chief minister said.

“Parliament is supreme and laws that are to be made have to be made by the it...The civil society was involved in the drafting committee for the law (Lokpal bill)...Now I think it is important that we allow the government to do the job it is meant to do,” he said.

Omar said it was his personal view and “not an opinion either of this coalition government or party (Congress).”

“I have not been told what is my party's opinion on this,” he said.

However, Chief Minister falls under the purview of the State Accountability Commission, he said, adding, “I do not have to demit office before I come under the purview of SAC. I am under its purview today itself.”

On Anna Hazare's campaign, Omar said, “Corruption is a huge matter of concern...I am equally concern as the next person about the issue and how it needs to be tackled... MPs are elected by far more people than you find participating in any of the protests visible on TV channels.

“I do not think anybody has the right to question the wisdom on more than half a billion people...when the members of the civil society say that ‘we respect Parliament but not its members'. Does it mean they respect the building, beautiful pictures on its walls and the big sculptures.”

On the situation, which rose yesterday after Hazare's arrest and subsequent protests across the national capital, dealt by the government and police, he said they have dealt with it in the best possible way.

“Now that Hazare is out and is going to fast at Ramlila ground, it is now a close chapter,” he said. PTI