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Passengers Stage Dharna Inside Spice Jet Plane, Departs After 10 Hours

PTI 23 Jan 2010, 11:28:48 AM IST

Irate passengers aboard a Spice Jet plane bound for Ahmedabad from Delhi staged a sit-in inside the aircraft and refused to embark when their flight was cancelled after a three-hour wait.

Several passengers complained that they were not served food or refreshments, but a Spice Jet statement says otherwise,.

The Spice Jet statement says: "Due to dense fog and below minimum operating visibility at new Delhi, flight SG117 to Ahmedabad was first rescheduled to 11:55 pm and later cancelled at 12: 30 am. We arranged for a special flight to the destination the next morning departing at 7: 25 am. Passengers were informed at 1:15 am.

Passengers connecting in Delhi were offered hotel accommodation. Most passengers chose to stay on board till 3:30 am. Re boarding started at 6:15 am. Refreshment were served to passengers on board and on ground. The passengers are currently en route to Ahmedabad".

The plane was to take off at 9.40 pm on Friday evening for Ahmedabad, but due to dense fog it could not take off. And that's when the drama began. The flight was rescheduled for 11.55 and then cancelled at 12.30 am. This infuriated the passengers more, most of whom refused to disembark and stayed inside the plane on a biting cold night.

Several passengers complained that all this could have been avoided had the management taken a timely decision. They sat inside the aircraft without being served any food, several passengers said.