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Peoples Democratic Party calls for government intervention on women's safety in J&K

PTI 08 Jun 2014, 10:49:41 IST
Srinagar: Opposition Peoples Democratic Party yesterday voiced concern over the increase in crime against women in Jammu and Kashmir and called for serious societal and the government intervention to counter the situation.

"Whether in workplaces, educational institutions, public transport system or other places our women are feeling deeply insecure and vulnerable," PDP spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said in a statement.

He said the reports in media about the women being harassed has become a common thing now in the society and there are no preventive measures in place to ensure their security."

"The reports are highly disturbing and these not only call for serious intervention at the societal level but stringent action by the government," Mr Akhtar said.

Referring to the high-profile molestation case involving former health minister Shabir Khan early this year, the PDP leader said "by showing a clear bias in the case the government has encouraged others to follow the trend."

"Had the government acted seriously in Shabir Khan Case a clear message would had gone to the people," he said, adding the government effort in the case was to shield the accused instead of ensuring justice.