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People, Police Officer Lose Shoes In Anna Frenzy At Rajghat

PTI 19 Aug 2011, 19:22:08 IST

New Delhi, Aug 19: Several people including an ACP of Delhi Police had to return barefooted after their footwear went missing at Rajghat, which Anna Hazare visited today before launching his fast.

The visitors to the samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi have to take out their footwear before entering the lawns. 

As soon as Hazare left Rajghat for India Gate, the crowd which was annoyed by heavy rains rushed to collect their footwear only to find that they were missing. 

An Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) and two other police personnel also lost their shoes in the melee. 

The officer was seen frantically looking for his shoes, and when his staff failed to locate them, the ACP left the venue barefooted.

A head constable and a constable were too seen looking for their shoes near the shoe collection area. 

The guards who are deputed to keep an eye over the shoe collection area bore of the brunt of people's anger as they were at loss of words to explain their inability. 

“What could I do? There were a deluge of people..I was helpless,” a guard kept saying.

The people who lost their shoes ultimately chose to return from Rajghat barefooted. PTI