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PM Modi has made global impact with his foreign visits: US NGO

PTI 12 Oct 2015, 23:57:20 IST

Varanasi: Praising the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a US-based NGO today said his systematic approach in reaching out to the rest of the world, including his recent visit to Silicon Valley, has made a huge global impact which will bring concrete benefits, specially in terms of foreign investments for India, in the coming future.  

"Modi's foreign visits in the last 15 months, including United States, have made a huge global impact and things at the ground level might not be seen in the present time in India but in the long run it will bring huge benefits," Phil Scanlan, Chairman of New York Global Leaders Dialogue said.  

"Engagements of this nature takes time but the benefits will come and the prime minister is doing it systematically.  He knows his (country's) requirements and is exactly doing for the same...," Scanlan said.

He also said the Prime Minister is taking forward the works and policies of his predecessor, Manmohan Singh, who was a great economist. Scanlan said a comparision of their works is not possible at present as Modi is also making all out efforts to pace up the nation's growth.  

He said Modi's commitment to spreading optic fibre network across India is a major step that will save a lot of time, energy and money.

On the occassion, Scanlan also nominated Sulabh International founder Bindeshwari Pathak for the 'New York Global Leaders Humanitarian Award' from India.  

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The award will be given at the end of this month and nearly 10 persons have been shortlisted for it among 700.  

"I have been moved by the way Pathak and Sulabh International is changing the lives of millions of Indians. It is highly commendable that his work is not only stopping open defecation in India but is also restoring the dignity of the marginalized and mainstreaming them in society," Scanlan said.  

He also lauded Modi for the Clean India Initiative, in which Pathak's Sulabh International is actively participating.  

The US-based 'New York Global Leaders Dialogue' is a thought leadership platform which brings together leaders from all continents to address global challenges, foster inter-generational dialogue and nurture cohorts of young leaders.