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PM Has Turned 'Mauni Baba': Shatrughan

PTI 24 Aug 2011, 22:03:32 IST

Ranchi, Aug 24: Senior BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha today alleged that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has become a silent spectator at the Anna Hazare movement by not “acting” as per the situation.

“The Prime Minister and his government have underestimated the strength of the Anna Hazare movement. When it has become unmanageable, he has become ‘Mauni baba' (silent spectator),” the film-star-turned politician told reporters here.

Accusing the Centre of not handling the movement properly, he said, “The present dispensation at the Centre is headless, shameless and spineless as well”.

“The next one week will be very important for the Indian democracy,” Sinha, who was here to attend some private functions, said. PTI