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PM Narendra Modi vows to work for Kashmiri Pandits, victims of terror

PTI 12 Aug 2014, 16:33:30 PM IST
Kargil: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pledged to work for the welfare of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, refugees from West Pakistan and kin of those killed in terrorist violence, saying the days of their neglect are over.

“See the condition of Jammu and Kashmir where 20 per cent of the population is displaced. We want to settle these displaced people and give them opportunity of their livelihood,” he said while inaugurating the 44 MW Chutak hydro-power project here.

The Prime Minister said his government was committed to ensure that this 20 per cent population contributes in changing the destiny of the state.

“More than two lakh displaced are refugees from West Pakistan, over one lakh displaced are...more than 4 lakh are Kashmiri Pandits over eight to ten lakh are those who lost their families in terrorist attacks.

These are also our brothers and sisters and we have to think about them,” he said.

Addressing the public rally at Kargil, the Prime Minister recalled his visit to the town during the 1999 war and said gunfire was heard in those days, whereas now he can hear the sound of people clapping.

Modi said the people of Kargil had supported the Indian armed forces during the war and he still recalled the excitement and patriotic fervour in the town when Tiger Hill was won.

“Today the people here wish to join the development mainstream,” he said.

The Prime Minister said through hydropower, the rivers are being harnessed for the benefit of the people in the mountains and electricity was not just for industry  but would also help the youths in these areas to find suitable employment without having to migrate to urban areas.

Modi said the Government would provide Rs 8,000 crore additional funding for road projects in the state.

He said the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar transmission line would boost education and employment opportunities in Kargil and wished to make Kargil one of the fastest growing districts in the country.

The Prime Minister said development is the sole solution to all problems and development is his government's priority.  He stressed that maximum stress is being given to employment of youth.

In this context, Modi spoke of Pashmina, saffron cultivation and value addition in apple cultivation.

He said there is no dearth of funds for development and he has taken up cudgels against corruption.