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Police rejects allegations of torture during Trilokpuri clash

PTI 11 Nov 2014, 7:33:29 AM IST

New Delhi: Delhi Police yesterday rejected allegations of torture, high-handedness and discrimination on its part in dealing with women of minority communities during the recent clashes in East Delhi's Trilokpuri area.

Referring to media reports in this regard, an official statement said that a large contingent of women police force was deployed in the area, so the question of male police officers dealing with women does not arise at all.

"It is needless to emphasise that the Muslim women living in the community have nothing to fear and by effectively quelling the riot and maintaining the dignity and honour of the women in the area, it has been proved that women from every community including Muslim are absolutely safe," the statement added.

Delhi Police also said that not a single case of crime against women or even misbehaviour with women has been reported in Trilokpuri during the time riots broke out in the area or even after that.

"It is a fact that police have arrested 49 people in three cases, but have also released about 37 people, who were not found to be involved in the riots, after due verification," said Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat.

Moreover, there are 56 police personnel including Additional DCP, ACP and Inspector rank officers who got injured in the riot. While 15 of the 16 persons of public who were injured in the riot were Hindus, eight persons out of these who sustained bullet injuries, were also Hindus, said Bhagat.

Police also said that it was found that in almost all the cases brick-batting was done from the rooftops.

As a precautionary measure, drones equipped with cameras were used and the rooftops having bricks were identified.

"During the search operation approximately 400 Hindus and 200 Muslims houses were searched by more than 20 teams of police. Each team was having sufficient number of female police personnel and videography was also done to counter any allegation of misbehaviour," he said.