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People's Party of Arunachal demands increase in retirement age

PTI 03 Aug 2014, 15:08:21 PM IST
Itanagar: The People's Party of Arunachal (PPA) has urged the state government to increase retirement age of state government employees from 58 years to 60 effective from this financial year.

"Majority of the states follow the Central government norm of 60 years as the retirement age. The Seventh Pay Commission has proposed to increase the retirement age to 62 years. It is unfortunate and surprising that Arunachal Pradesh is still at the stage of discussion on the matter," T Naksang, PPA general secretary, said.

He also said the increase in retirement age would enable the government to reap the benefits of rich experience as well as the productivity of the employees.

Due to increase of retirement age, he said, huge pension money payable to the employees would be saved for two years in a huge benefit to the state exchequer.

Naksang said that the argument that increase in retirement age would lead to cut in employment opportunities and create a burden on state exchequer was also not fully true.