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Radhey Ma speaks to India TV reporter, says, be my devotee first

India TV News Desk 20 Jun 2012, 16:05:30 IST
India TV News Desk
Mumbai, June 17: Self-styled spiritual guru Radhey Ma conducted a 'chowki' (gathering of devotees)  this week in Mumbai attended by yesteryears' heroine Reena Roy, Shilpa Shetty's mother Sunanda Shetty and TV reality show actor Dolly Bindra.

India TV entertainment editor Sarita Singh was present at the 'chowki'.
For the first time, Radhey Ma didn't dance, nor did devotees carry her in their laps.
The chowki, it was claimed, was being telecast live in London and Dubai. It went on from 10:30pm till 3 am. Devotees from Delhi and Punjab had flocked to see her.
Suddenly, in course of the devotional songs, Radhey Maa spoke to India TV entertainment editor Sarita Singh in her ear.
She said : "Kabhi bhakt bankar aao toh woh bataoongi jo koi nahin jaanta" (Come to me as my devotee, and I will tell you things which others do not know)
Two months ago, Radhey Ma had told India TV reporter Jagdeep Sandhu in Punjab : "I don't seek publicity nor do I want to give interviews. If you have come as my devotee, I am giving you this gyan (knowledge) . I don't want to appear on TV nor do I want to collect crowds."
"If you have come as a devotee with full devotion, then I am giving you this knowledge which you must accept. I have this strict blessing from God that a devotee who attends nine of my chowkis with full devotion and sincerity  will realise his dreams. God does everything, but the credit goes to me."
Ten years ago in Delhi's Lajpat Nagar, Radhey Ma used to speak vociferously. She once told a devotee : "You look like my Hanuman. You are my Hanuman."
She also used to get angry. "All of you know you must not insult Maa. I tell you all the time, don't come to see Maa, come for her darshan, because your Maa belongs to everybody.

I know each and everybody's problems. If any of you have any complaint, you can come forward. It's my challenge."
But at the Mumbai 'chowki' this week, Radhey Maa was unusually silent.