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Rahul Not A 'Parrot', Says Congress

PTI 18 Aug 2011, 21:28:21 IST

New Delhi, Aug 18: Rahul Gandhi is “not a parrot”, a Congress spokesperson said today, rebutting suggestions that he was silent on the Anna Hazare issue.

“He (Rahul), too, is entitled to Freedom of Expression.  He will speak when he will feel like it. He is not a parrot,” Renuka Chowdhury said at the AICC briefing  when asked why the party General Secretary was silent on the recent developments involving Hazare.

Responding to questions on whether the party finds itself in a difficult situation on the Hazare episode in the absence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who is recuperting after surgery in a US hospital, she said “ there is no doubt we miss her terribly.”

“We wish she has a speedy recovery and comes back soon.  Till then we are trying to do our best,” she added To another question on why the government appeared to lack a strategy on the Hazare issue even though Sonia had constituted a four-member group to look after party affairs. 

“The four-member team is for the party. Should we handle even the government,” was the reply of Chowdhury, a former Union Minister.

When repeateldy asked about the ‘shifting stand' by the government on the issue, Chowdhury shot back asking “you tell us what should we do”. PTI