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Rajnath Singh urges Interpol to keep tab on jihadi activities on internet

India TV News Desk 06 Nov 2014, 9:26:17 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Concerned over the growing influence of global terrorist organizations on the internet and social media, Home minister Rajnath Singh has said that Interpol should take the lead in surveillance of internet activities aimed at jihadi indoctrination and recruitment.

Singh, while addressing the Interpol General Assembly meet in Monaco had said that the anonymity offered by the internet had facilitated communication between terrorists without the fear of being tracked by law enforcement agencies. He had underlined the fact that how internet was prone to theft of important data. He was concerned specially for the women and children who he thought could be targeted through cyber crime.

“In recent years, social media has been increasingly used (in India) to instigate communal riots," the home minister told a newspaper while calling upon the Interpol to pertain its 100 years of experience in tracking fugitives so that online activities could be studied and tacked. He even said that it's aimed at indoctrination and recruitment of young internet users into jihad.

Singh's main concern was the growing presence of global terrorist outfits such as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on social media.