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Ralegan Siddhi Villagers Worried About Anna's Health

PTI 04 Aug 2011, 8:09:53 IST

Pune, Aug 4 : Diehard supporters of 73-year-old Anna Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi village say they are worried about the health of the veteran activist who is slated to sit on indefinite fast from August 16, reports DNA.

While the nation watches with concern, the standoff between the veteran anti-corruption activist and the government over the Lokpal Bill, villagers from Ralegan Siddhi are worried about his health.

The proposed fast is to start on August 16, although the venue is yet to be decided. The Delhi Police had denied permission to him to stage the stir at Jantar Mantar.Civilians from Hazare's village are getting ready to support him from August 16.

"We are worried about Anna's health as he is keeping indifferent health since quite some time. These fasts take their toll on his health," said Datta Awari, a resident of Hazare's village.

In his long fight against corruption, Hazare had embarked on fasts on multiple occasions demanding action against both corrupt ministers and bureaucracy. "This would be the 12th fast that Hazare would be undertaking and at this age this would be taking its toll on him for sure," he said.

Although worried about Hazare's health, the villagers are getting ready to go to any extreme to support Hazare.

"Some of us will be travelling to Delhi to fast with Anna, while the others will be fasting in the village itself. We are ready to face any brutality inflicted on us by the police, but we will not retaliate," said Eknath Bhalekar, a young villager.

The veiled threats of disrupting Hazare's agitation using police force have not gone down well with the villagers.

Many of them feel that the government has not been able to gauge the public support that the Gandhian commands.

"Our Anna draws his strength from the support expressed by him by the youth of the nation. This very strength is providing Anna the strength to continue with his fight against corruption," stated Awari.

Privately, the villagers are conducting prayers for the success of Hazare's well being and the success of his movement."Once Anna returns from Delhi, he will direct us on further course of action," said Bhalekar.