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This guy helps a 'rehdiwala' live a better life...now it your turn! Will you?

India TV News Desk November 16, 2014 23:47 IST
India TV News Desk

There is no exact definition of the word 'Help'.

You can always lend a helping hand to anyone or everyone, be it your neighbour, friend, relative, brother, sister or parents.

But this new initiative by RED FM has given new dimension to 'HELP' for you, for me and for everyone watching this video.

It is an innovative attempt towards giving a little push towards making someone's (needy) life better than before.

Many a times we watch a rehdi wala, rickshaw wala, watchman, cobbler, making every possible effort to make a living for their loved ones and themselves, but  we hardly ever cone forward to help them in anyway (keeping monetary help aside).

Do you...? Certainly, the answer is NO.  But here comes the change.

Likewise, the viral 'Ice Bucket Challenge', 'Rice Bucket Challenge', #SwachBharat Abhiyan, RJ Raunac gave the #LetsHelp challenge to the whole of Delhi.

He urged all Delhiites to come forward and help the needy, poor, deprived in someway or the other, big or small, help is help.

However, at present, the initiative is in its preliminary stages, but we hope it really goes viral and turns out to be game changer for the people who really are in need.

Your little endeavor can help the other person live his/her life in a better way.

So what you are waiting for #LetsHelp