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Robbers escape with 75 kg tomatoes in Rajasthan

India TV News Desk 02 Aug 2014, 15:19:50 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Jaipur: In a bizarre incident of robbery in Rajasthan, a group of burglars decamped with nearly 80 kg of tomatoes from various vegetables shops in Sabzi Mandi of Dausa district.

According to police, robbers didn't touch the cash inside counters of the shops.

The incident took place on Wednesday night, police said.

On Thursday morning, when shopkeepers and vendors opened there shops, they were shocked to found broken weighing machines and tomatoes on the floor.

Shopkeepers said that tomatoes were from Nasik and priced at Rs 70 in wholesale and Rs 90-100 in the retail.

The burglars left all other vegetables other than tomatoes, a shopkeeper said.

Another shopkeeper said that he had unloaded the fresh vegetables including tomatoes and onions on Wednesday night.

Tomato prices have soared up to Rs 80 per kg in some parts of the country after a substantial drop in supply from key producing states.

A complaint has been registered against unidentified men at the Kotwali police station.

Last year, when prices of onions touched Rs 100 per kilo, three armed men had hijacked an onion-laden truck in Shahpura village, near Jaipur.