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Madrassa students should be taught to love the country, stories of patriotic Muslims: RSS leader

PTI 17 Jan 2016, 18:24:26 IST

New Delhi: A senior RSS leader on Sunday favoured exposing children studying in madarssas to stories of patriotic Muslim personalities to make them love the country "as is required" and urged religious leaders from the community to take an initiative in this regard.

"They (children) should be given proper basic training. Children should be taught to love this country, exposed to the life stories of people like Bahadur Shah Zafar. It is required now. Hence, I will appeal the Maulanas, Imams and Maulvis to come forward.

"They (Maulvis) should make teaching like loving your nation a part of the training so that when a child gets out of madarsa he or she is patriotic, nationalist and also one understanding Islam," RSS leader Indresh Kumar said.

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Kumar, who is also the patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch , made the remarks on the sidelines of an event in the national capital recently.

The leader said "radical" elements should start thinking over the issue from humanitarian and developmental angles as such teaching "is required now".

"It is the requirement of today and it should be fulfilled. This should be done amicably, not through conflicts. Madarsas should contribute to spreading awareness of nationality among children," he added.

Kumar said the issue should not be politicised but looked at from the points of view of development and harmony. He also urged the BJP-led NDA government to strengthen Madarsa Education Board.