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Know about the amazing seven storey temple in West Delhi

India TV News Desk 26 Apr 2015, 23:42:07 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Delhi, the capital of the nation, is known for its fast running life. While everyone out here is in the race to be on the top, there is one more thing that is becoming the part of this competition – the high rising buildings.

Delhi has witnessed a lot many changes in the past few years, and the mushrooming jungle of multi-storey buildings is changing the view of the city all the more.

But amongst these multi-storey buildings, there is this temple in West Delhi which does catches the attraction of every passerby.

The seven storey temple, popularly known as the “Saat Manjila Mandir” is situated in the Tilak Nagar Market near the Metro Station.

The temple was built in 1968 and the foundation stone was laid by Swami Gurucharandas Mahamandaleshwar.

The popularity of the temple can be judged by the fact that even former Prime Minister and Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee have visited this splendid temple. Noted politician Arjun Singh and Acharya Kriplani are said to be amongst the renowned devotees of the temple, as told by Pandit Prakash Chand Sharma (mahapandit of the temple).

As the name suggests this temple is comprises of seven floors and each storey serves as a court to seven different deities.

1. Temple premises

The temple premises comprises of a big hall which features the statues of various hindu deities. But the most eye catching element of this hall is the statue of Goddess Durga which is said to be the oldest statue placed here according to the Mahapandit of the Temple. The statue was place on 6th March 1969.

2. Sai Baba Darbar

The first floor of the temple is dedicated to Sai Baba. One can see a large number of devotees here especially on Thursday.

3. Santoshi Mata Darbar

The second floor of the temple features the court of Goddess Santoshi.

4. Sherawali Mata

The third floor serves as the court to Goddess Durga. The court also displays the nine forms of the Goddess.

5. Radha Krishan

The fourth floor is dedicated Lord Krishna and Radha. Radha-Krishan is more popularly known for their unconditional and eternal love.

6. Shiv Darbar

The fifth floor of the temple is the home to Lord Shiva and Parvati. The beautiful statue displays the couple along with their sons Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya placed in their laps respectively.

7. Panchmukhi Ganesha Darbar

The top most floor of the temple is the court for five-faced Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is said to be the god of beginnings and is one of the most worshipped deities among the Hindus.

This seven storey temple is managed by Sanatan Dharm Sabha. Apart from the religious aspect, the temple also runs a charitable hospital that provides aid to the needy and poor. The Saat Manjila Sri Sanatan Dharm Mandir Sabha ensures the smooth functioning of the hospital.

The temple also hosts a fair every Saturday and serves food to the numerous poor and needy people. A visit here would surely fill you with serenity.