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Same Day Release After Flouting Prohibitory Orders Common, Says Congress

PTI 16 Aug 2011, 22:59:17 IST

New Delhi, Aug 16: With Anna Hazare set to be released, Congress tonight said that arrest and release on the same day of those detained for violating prohibhitory orders was “not uncommon”.

“He was arrested under section 144 of the IPC. No one is suggesting that he is a common criminal and guilty of a serious criminal offence. Arrest and release on the same day under this section is not uncommon,” Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said.

His comments came soon after the Government decided to release the Gandhian.

Hours earlier, Singhvi had told the AICC briefing that the Opposition support to Hazare was based on “political expediency” and warned that it will have serious repercussions for democracy and the political process.

“It is entirely the result of temporary political expediency.... ignorance of history and humongous ignorance of the Constitution law,” he had said. PTI