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Bizarre: Followers of Rampal bathed him in milk for making kheer-prasad

India TV News Desk 20 Nov 2014, 16:23:50 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Hisar: Shocking revelations are coming out from the followers of Sant Rampal after his arrest by Haryana police.

These revelations indicate how Rampal exploited the blind faith that his supporters had in him. It is also a reflection on bizarre rituals practiced in  Barwala cult that Rampal followed.

If the supporters of Rampal are to be believed then Rampal was bathed in milk which was later used to make kheer for Prasad to be distributed among the devotees, according to a report published in 'The Indian Express'.

They believed that the bizarre ritual was key to the  “miracles” that Rampal performed.

One of the followers who was released from the ashram narrated how the kheer is made from milk which is poured on him and then given to the followers as Prasad.

Some of them, however, differed on how the kheer was exactly made. They said the kheer wasn't made from milk that was poured on Rampal, but from milk that dripped on him from a pipe in the ceiling.

Sant Rampal was arrested by  Haryana Police on November 19 after a seize of more than 10 days.