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Sarkozy, Carla Welcomed Jodhpuri Style At Taj Palace Hotel

PTI 05 Dec 2010, 21:38:02 IST
New Delhi, Dec 5 :  "This is fabulous," exclaimed French first lady Carla Bruni as she saw 'nagadas' being played to welcome her and President Nicolas Sarkozy as they entered a hotel lobby here this evening.

The French couple were accorded a 'Jodhpuri' welcome at the Taj Palace hotel upon their arrival at the capital.

The passage from the main entry gate to the porch was lined with 'mashaals' (torches).

Just as the first lady headed towards the lobby, Sarkozy urged her to look at the traditional ensemble of musical instruments. On watching nagadas (traditional drums) being played amidst 'mashaals', she exclaimed "this is fabulous".

Women dressed in colourful Jodhpuri attire showered rose petals as they entered the lobby. PTI