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'Seculars' using cow slaughter as protein for 'politics': RSS

PTI 21 Oct 2015, 7:03:59 IST

New Delhi: Taunting "liberals" for using cow slaughter as a "protein for their secular politics", RSS organ 'Organiser' has accused them of using the Dadri lynching as an opportunity to attack Hindu beliefs as it termed the killing as "not something unprecedented" or "unheard of".

Citing the "killings" of Sikhs and kar sevaks in Godhra, it questioned those protesting against the Dadri incident saying why those incidents did not evoke their conscience earlier.

"One fails to understand how a ban on slaughter of cows and calves would deprive people of a cheap source of protein. Were Constitution makers less protein-conscious than present liberals who of-late have shown almost athletic interest in the matters of Hindu sentiments. But, as usual, liberals have got this one wrong as well. Beef is not the cheapest source of protein," an article in the 'Organiser' said sarcastically to those protesting the Dadri incident.

While ruing that the body of Dadri victim had become a site of politics, it said, "Dadri's incident is a cruel reminder of how a dead body can become a site of political maneuvering and out maneuvering."

"Every murder is unfortunate, and cruel... and calls for strict action by law enforcing agencies. But what is different about Dadri's case is that here a murder is being used by the media and self-proclaimed seculars and liberals as an opportunity to put the beliefs of Hinduism in dock," it added.

Another article in the 'Organiser' said, "Dadri killing is not something unprecedented, unheard of in the history of Independent Bharat. So about Kalburgi murder. The conscience of over two dozen eminent persons of literature got so severely pricked by these two incidents that they returned their awards in protest."

It, however, cited incidents when thousands of Sikhs were killed in 1984, 59 kar sevaks were burnt alive at Godhra railway station sparking the Gujarat riots and 16 policemen involved in killing of 42 innocent Muslims acquitted after 28 years a few months ago.

The article while taking on RJD chief Lalu Yadav for saying Hindus also eat beef and used to eat it in Vedic times, remarks, "This is bogus."