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Siddharth-Indrani and their 'chhoti si love story'

New Delhi: Siddhartha Das, who has claimed that he is the biological father of Sheena Bora, tells his story how he and Indrani Mukerjea had met first.Siddhartha and Indrani, according to a report in The
India TV News Desk September 03, 2015 7:45 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Siddhartha Das, who has claimed that he is the biological father of Sheena Bora, tells his story how he and Indrani Mukerjea had met first.

Siddhartha and Indrani, according to a report in The Telegraph, met at a party in 1984 through a common friend.

"She was extremely attractive. And in those days, I had many girl followers. We quickly gelled and began meeting more often and soon fell in love," Siddhartha said.

Indrani later joined Lady Keane College in Shillong, he said, adding that after college days, they came back to Guwahati and began living together at Indrani's home. They started a bakery shop in Guwahati.

Siddhartha also claimed that Indrani's parents also loved him and had no objection on staying at their house.

"We used to stay in the same room," Siddhartha said.

"We were living in but we never got married," Siddhartha added immediately.

Indrani, fondly, used to call him Sid, he said.

"I and Indrani first became intimate inside a cinema that was screening Sheena, The Jungle Girl (the 1984 movie was actually titled Sheena: Queen of the Jungle). We loved the movie and the time we spent inside. So we decided that if we had a baby girl, we would name her Sheena," Siddhartha said.

In 1987, a baby girl was born and they name her Sheena.

Indrani, Siddhartha said, had never wanted the second child but it was too late for an abortion when Mikhail was born in September 1988.

The nature of Siddhartha and Indrani's relationship is still unclear as an affidavit attributed to Indrani - probably filed in the 1990s - describes one 'S Das' as her separated husband.

Siddhartha said that Indrani is aged 49 or 50. This also goes against the reports that she is 42 or 43.

Siddhartha further said that Indrani had a fascination for expensive clothes, perfumes and cars.

"Even while she was in a relationship with me, she used to accept expensive gifts from other men and used to roam around in their cars. We used to have quarrels over it. But she was the one to come up and apologise later and settle the differences," he said.

"She was frustrated at my poor income and wanted a better lifestyle," he added.

In 1989, Indrani, according to Siddhartha, said that our income was not enough to sustain the family and she was going to Shillong where she had got a job.

After five months, Indrani's parents asked him to leave the house.

Siddhartha wanted to take custody of the kids but they did not allow that, the report said.

After two months of his search, Siddhartha managed to meet Indrani.

She was then working with a private firm, he said.

"At that time she came to meet me wearing an expensive dress and oversized shades," he added.

"She told me that she was seeing someone else and was happy with her present life. She asked me to move away from her life and not to disturb her again," he said.

In 1992, Siddhartha moved to Arunachal Pradesh and worked at a primary school. In 1993, Siddhartha got married to Babli, who then lived in Guwahati.

In 1998, he moved to Kolkata and worked in a biscuit factory.

Siddhartha also said that he was unaware that Indrani had come to Kolkata and married Sanjeev Khanna.

In 2002, Siddhartha said that Sheena had called him by herself and said she wanted to meet him.

He said he had visited Guwahati in 2004 and had met Sheena outside her school.

On Sheena's death, Siddhartha said that he was shocked when he came to know about this news through the newspapers.

"I wanted to cry but I could not share it with anyone," he said.

"Indrani has an extraordinary capacity to cause pain to people. A person like her can do anything - even kill her own child," he added.