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26/11: A night that will never be forgotten!

India TV News Desk 26 Nov 2015, 7:26:59 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Going back, we remember 26th Nov with dread and horror, as hundreds of innocent lives were lost and a lot more would have died, had it not been the efforts of our police force and the 'NSG' Team in particular.

On that fateful day, we sat glued to our TV sets watching the terror going live and frantically called our near and dear ones in Mumbai to enquire about their safety

In this vicious attack, 15 police officials and 2 NSG Commandoes laid down their lives.

We are paying our homage to these martyrs as they don't deserve to be lost in the pages of history.
Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan:

He rescued 14 hostages during the combat at Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, and pinned down the terrorists with accurate fire and rescued his injured colleague 'Commando Sunil Yadav'.

But in the process he was fatally shot in back, and his last words were ‘Do not come up, I will handle them'.

Tukaram Omble:

We all know, how ill–equipped Mumbai police were during 26/11 attack. Tukaram Omble, a retired army man and Assistant sub-Inspector in Mumbai Police nabbed Kasab after a physical scuffle and held on to his guns despite being shot several times.

The importance of catching Kasab alive can be understood by the fact that it greatly helped India in cornering Pakistan all over the world.

Havaldar Gajender Singh (NSG):

He led the battle at Nariman house, after clearing the top floor by killing some terrorists, he further descended where others (terrorist) were at an advantage, hurling grenade at him.

Despite being grievously injured he kept closing in and was exposed to severe bullet injuries. He didn't turn his back to the militants and created a way for the other commandos.

Hemat Karkare - Vijay Salskar - Ashok Kamte

On receiving info regarding attack on Cama and Albless Hospital, Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief), ACP Ashok Kamte, Senior inspector Vijay Salskar along with 4 other police constables drove to the hospital in Toyata Qualis.

Suddenly two terrorist stepped out from behind the tree with AK 47 in their hands and started an open fire at them. Only constable Arun Jadhav survived this vicious attack.

Shashank Shinde (Railway police inspector):

At CST, Shinde was leaving for home after finishing his duty when he heard gunshots. Even though he had a service revolver, which was evidently no match to those AK 47's being carried by terrorists.

He went ahead and fired two shots, in the ensuing scuffle he was shot in the abdomen and dropped dead at the spot.