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Software Engineer Killer Gets His Cue From Silence Of The Lambs

Dehra Dun, Dec 14 : It has now emerged that the killer software engineer Rajesh Gulati got the motive to carry out the gruesome murder of his wife from the Oscar-winning Hollywood hit film Silence
PTI December 14, 2010 20:43 IST
Dehra Dun, Dec 14 : It has now emerged that the killer software engineer Rajesh Gulati got the motive to carry out the gruesome murder of his wife from the Oscar-winning Hollywood hit film Silence of The Lambs, police said.
Police sleuths have recovered the film footage from his laptop. In Silence of the Lambs, in which the villain Buffalo Bill is a cannibalistic serial killer who skins his female victims.
Meanwhile, the killer Rajesh Gulati is showing no remorse at all. Says he: "Whatever I did, I did it for the children..I am relieved that I have finally been able to get rid of my wife".
During interrogation, 38-year-old Rajesh said he suspected his wife  of having extra-marital relationship with a friend of his who stays in the US. Rajesh himself confessed that he  had married a lady in Kolkata on his return from the US.

Rajesh confessed that Anupama was upset with his second marriage in Kolkata, the main cause of arguments between them.
In Delhi, Rajesh's father, Satpal Gulati said his son should be punished for his crime but added that it was a failed marriage as wife Anupama was suffering from psychiatric problems. "Anupama was frustrated, she created problems for him in the US", Satpal Gulati said.
Rajesh's father said, "She used to beat her children mercilessly and create issues out of nothing. He would tell me about this occasionally. It was a failed marriage." Anupama's father B R Pradhan demanded that his daughter should get justice.   

 As more details emerged about the gruseome murder of his wife Anupama by Dehra Dun software engineeer killer Rajesh Gulati, forensic experts are busy piecing the evidences, bit by bit, at their home in Prakash Vihar here.Gulati had chopped off his wife's body into 72 pieces and kept in a deep freezer at home.
"We started yelling at each other, we pushed each other, she fell and her forehead struck the bed corner and she fell sub-conscious (sic). I got scared. Already there was a case of domestic violence against me. Mujhe pata nahin uske baad maine kya kiya", said the pensive-looking Gulati from behind bars.
Said Rajesh Gulati: "I didn't tell any thing to my kids. They loved me. I used to take them to school every day. You can cross-check with the school."

Inspector General of Police Garhwal Range M A Ganapthy said: "After Gulati's wife fell unconscious, he smothered her with a pillow suffocating her to death. He then cut the body into nearly 70 pieces and put it in a deep freezer. He then began disposing of the bits by throwing them  around Dehradun in the deep valley. We are now making forensic examination to put the evidences into place.  He will be given maximum possible punishment."
Anupama's family in Delhi's Dwarka is in a state of shock. The family members said, Rajesh was communicating about his wife  only through sms and e-mails, and this aroused  their suspicion.
Says Dehra Dun SSP  G S Martolia, Rajesh banged Anupama's head against a wall following a violent quarrel after which she fell unconscious. Later, he strangulated her in a fit of rage, cut the body into pieces with an iron cutter and stashed them inside a deep freezer.  In the meantime, Rajesh told his twin kids - aged four - that their mother had gone to Delhi."


He also told Anupama's brother Sujan that his relations which her had improved. However, Sujan grew suspicious and came to Dehra Dun on Saturday to inquite. The couple had settled down in Dehra Dun 18 months ago. 
The gruesome murder was committed on October 17, and it  came to notice only on Sunday. (Dec 12), more than two months later Gulati had stuffed the pieces of his wife's body into black coloured polythene bags and stored these polybags inside the commercial deep  freezer in his house.

 The gory crime was exposed  when the woman's brother reached Gulati's house and found only Gulati's four-year-old twin sons at home.On inquiry about their mom, the children said “Mom has gone to Nana house.”

Interestingly Gulati  had already disposed most of the lower parts of the body. Only the upper torso parts were found in the deep freezer.Gulati, a software engineer returned from US in 2008 after he was rendered unemployed beause of recession. He began working as a share consultant in Dehradun.

The statements of twins of the software engineer Rajesh Gulati were today recorded before a local court.

Four-year-old Sonakshi and Siddhartha, accompanied by their maternal uncle S K Pradhan, were produced before the CJM court where their statements were recorded, Dehra Dun SSP G S Martolia said.

 The children were staying with Pradhan ever since the gruesome incident of murder of their mother Anupama came to light on Sunday evening.

 Meanwhile, police has registered a case under section 302 (murder) and 201 (destruction of evidences) of IPC against  Rajesh Gulati.

As part of the investigations, police took Gulati to the shops from where he had bought the electric saw and the deep- freezer for cutting and hiding his wife's body, Martolia said, adding that the shopkeepers have identified Gulati as the buyer of the two items.

The SSP said Gulati would be taken to Mussoorie in an effort to recover some of the pieces of Anupama's body, which he had allegedly thrown there a few days back.

During interrogation, he confessed to strangled his wife to death on October 17 and hid the body in the bathroom for the next two days.

Later, he bought an electric saw and a deep-freezer. He then cut the body into pieces and stashed them into a deep freezer.

The couple had married in 1999 after a long courtship period. However, later their relations turned sour. During interrogation, Gulati told police that Anupama had a love affair with somebody in the US and he too had been in a relationship with a woman in Kolkata, where he was working a few months back.

The couple had settled down in Dehra Dun 18 months ago after returning from the United States and even bought a house at Race Course locality. PTI