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Somnath Temple to become 1st Guj temple to invest in PM's Gold Monetisation Scheme

PTI 18 Jan 2016, 11:41:29 IST

Ahmedabad: The Somnath Temple Trust is allset to become Gujarat's first temple to deposit its idle gold in the Gold Monetisation Scheme as its trustees including Prime Minister Narendra Modi have given their nod to investthe yellow metal reserves in the scheme.

The trust has around 35 kg of gold and will deposit the gold which is not in day-to-day use of the temple.

The decision was taken during the recently held meeting of trustees at Modi's residence in Delhi on January 12, said the trust secretary P K Lahiri, who is also one of the trustees of the Somnath Temple, situated in the Gir-Somnath district.

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"During the meeting, all the trustees have agreed to the proposal of depositing the gold, which is not in day-to-day use of the temple, in the Gold Monetisation Scheme," said Lahiri.

According to him, the trust is having around 35 kg of gold, which is either in the form of pure gold or ornaments.

Now, the management will segregate the pure gold from the whole lot to finalise the quantum of gold which can be deposited.

"We don't have a huge amount of gold. Majority of the gold is used for decoration on day-to-day basis in the temple.

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Thus out of that 35 kg of gold, we will separate pure gold which can be deposited under the scheme," said Lahiri.

Other trustees of the Somnath Temple trust include former Gujarat Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, who is also the chairman of the trust, veteran BJP leader L K Advani, Harshvardhan Neotia and JD Parmar.

All these six trustees were present during the meet.