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Dare to call any South-Indian a 'Madrassi'? Watch this funny video now!

India TV News Desk 06 Nov 2014, 19:01:36 PM IST
India TV News Desk

So if you believed South India to be a single state, then you had been sleeping through your geography classes we guess!

Admit it! We all have at one point considered South Indians as 'Madrassis'.

Well, the fault here is not yours! The whole of India has very little or no knowledge about the geographical aspect of southern part of India. Forget about knowing the people living there and the traditions or cultures they follow.

Moreover, portrayal of South India in bollywood movies is far away from reality, thereby declining all possibilities of any positive learning for a non-South Indian.

In central, western and especially northern part of India, the people from South India have been prolonged referred as Madrassi, 'Yandugundu walas' and 'lunghi walas'.

Terms like 'lungi hatao pungi bajao' and 'Yendu gundu' were coined by Shiv Sena in Maharshatra during early 1990's. Moreover, party chieftain Bal Thackeray also lampooned the Madrassi in his writings and cartoons.

Have you ever wondered what does Madrassi means and from where does it truly belongs to?

FYI: It is an ethnic slur used for people of South India to make derogatory reference to their skin tone and living style.

Have you ever asked yourself where is that zeal with which we boast about India's ‘Unity in Diversity' and feel proud of it? Why it takes a downward dip when it comes to treatment with people living in other parts of the country?

Finally, a video is here by ‘Enna Da Rascalas' to let the ‘Rest of India' know what South India is all about. This eye-opening video not only clears common misconceptions about the states in Southern India but also make you learn a lot about them.

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