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Sri Lankan passports found on road, handed over to its holders

PTI 14 Aug 2014, 7:35:38 AM IST
Chennai: Seven Sri Lankan passports that were found in a bag abandoned on a road here were handed over to its holders, police said yesterday.

Mohammed, an employee of a private firm, found the bag with seven Sri Lankan passports in it lying abandoned on a road in R A Puram area of the city.

He handed over the bag to police.

The passports belonged to Ravichandran, Vadivambigai, Sai, Aarthy, Shanmugarathinasamy, Gowthaman, Visakam of a family, police said.

The family lost their passports 10 days ago in a bus andhad lodged a complaint with the police. They were here for medical treatment a member.

Against the background of reports that Sri Lankan refugees were trying to immigrate to developed nations through “boat route” the passports on road led to suspicions.  

After inquiry, the passports were restored to its holders, police said.