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SRK's Followers On Twitter Cross 17,400 In 24 Hours

PTI 04 Jan 2010, 13:22:19 IST

The usually reclusive Shah Rukh Khan joined Twitter early Sunday morning at 2.38 am under the ID, iamsrk. 

Almost immediately, Twitterverse went berserk. Everyone from Riteish Deshmukh to Abhishek Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar and Vivek Oberoi fell over themselves welcoming him, says a media report.

SRK's best buddy, Karan Johar  tweeted after Shah Rukh crossed the 10000-mark in 12 hours, "twitterverse in a tizz!!! iamsrk will am sure enjoy the twitterpower and add it to it in his own way...."

It was KJo who finally convinced SRK to join Twitter on January 3 after months of persuasion. 

 Says Karan, "I feel as if I am the unofficial brand ambassador of Twitter as I convinced so many people to join. Whereas Shah Rukh is concerned, I would get many comments on Twitter everyday and about 80 per cent of them would ask me to convey a message to SRK. I finally told him there were millions of people out there who had so much of love for him.”

Karan adds that till now Shah Rukh wasn't keen on joining as he has so much happening in his life. 

"Essentially Shah Rukh is a very shy person. Also, he doesn't have too much time. Being a part of Twitter is like being in a relationship where you have to be faithful to your love (Twitter) and give it time every day. It's your lover. When so many people love you, you make sure you deliver. Now SRK will be a committed lover on Twitter. He crossed the 10000 follower mark in half a day which shows how popular he is. Now that he has opened his heart, Shah Rukh will feel their love."

He continues, "So finally yesterday Shah Rukh said okay. He understood the modalities and we (Shah Rukh, Karan and Kajal Anand) created his page." 

The next person who KJo is persuading to get onto Twitter is SRK's My Name Is Khan heroine Kajol. "Kajol is very particular about keeping her personal life private so I don't know if I will be able to convince her but I am definitely trying hard."

Big Guns On Twitter

Shashi Tharoor  560,871

Priyanka Chopra  110,433

Karan Johar      51,641

Chetan Bhagat 38,126

Sonam Kapoor   36,440

Gul Panag   34,054

Imran Khan    32,427

Mallika Sherawat     30,140

Abhishek Bachchan     26,608

Pritish Nandy   13,821  

SRK's Tweeet Street
Bye now... lemme figure out if i do really snore or not...will keep a recorder on tonite... God... so much for being shy and private. (at 4 am today)

Love conquers all things...except poverty and toothache...Mae West...i think even snoring is a problem love can't conquer. (at 3.50 am today)

film release coming up. will have lots of public speaking. my first rule of public speaking...if u don't strike oil in 3 mins... stop boring ! (at 2.30 am today)
the first tweet: hi everyone. being extremely shy i never thought i would be here. but my friend @kjohar25 insisted that i should learn to share my life. (at 2.38 am on January 3)