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St Stephen's alumni group approaches CAG for special audit of college accounts

PTI 30 Jun 2015, 18:27:51 IST

New Delhi: Alleging financial irregularities in functioning of St Stephen's college, a group of its alumni today approached the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), demanding a special audit of the college finances.

"The office of the Auditor General, Delhi (AG) conducted an audit in 2012 and had pointed out the irregular LTC claim
by teachers and recommended recovery of the amounts. Till date no recovery action has been taken.

"The AG had also pointed out that details of the water harvesting system for which the Centre had disbursed Rs 10 lakhs, are not available," the Association of Old Stephanians, a body not recognised by the college, said in a letter to Deputy CAG, AK Singh.

The alumni group has also alleged improper utilisation of government grants and college funds as well as illegal receipt
of foreign funding.

"Purchase procedures were not properly followed during the Common Wealth Games 2010 grant. For other construction works like renovation of Science Block out of the Rs 2.5 crore grant given by DU, the modular laboratory work was awarded to
a company which had never submitted its tender for such work," the letter said.

"Foreign funds received by the college are in violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. Information
has not been provided to nor approval obtained from the UGC and the Home Ministry, Government of India," it added.

Responding to the allegations, college Principal Valson Thampu, said getting the college finances audited is in interest of the institution and he has no objections to it.

"All financial agencies are most welcome to audit any aspect of the college...I welcome them whole-heartedly...to have its account audited by not one but all agencies is in interest of the institution," Thampu told PTI.

The alumni body today also submitted a white paper to the HRD ministry seeking their intervention into the college's functioning.

The white paper was released by the group last month detailing alleged financial and administrative illegalities in the college including the appointment of Thampu in view of improper qualifications, illegal appointment of college chairman, improper functioning of the Governing Body and victimisation of several persons by principal leading to litigation in courts.