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Storm In A Teacup Over Chidambaram's Migrant Remark

PTI 13 Dec 2010, 15:38:53 IST
New Delhi, Dec 13: There was a storm in a teacup in the Parliament premises when Home Minister P Chidambaram while speaking to media over gangrapes in Delhi remarked that the influx of migrants was also one of the reasons behind the spurt in crime.
Chidambaram said: "More policemen have been recruited, more vehicles have been provided to police. Delhi attracts a large number of migrant labourers and there are a large number of unauthorized colonies. They carry a kind of behaviour which is unacceptable in any modern city leading to crimes".
BJP, RJD, Samajwadi Party and Janata Dal(U) leaders soon took up cudgels with Lalu Prasad saying that the Home Minister is trying to cover up his failures by targetting people from UP and Bihar. Even chief minister Sheila Dikshit's son and East Delhi MP Sandeep Dikshit disagreed with the Home Minister's remark.
A few hours later, Chidambaram, obviously under pressure from his own partymen, withdrew his remark saying that everybody who comes to work in Delhi is a migrant and " I am also a migrant. When I used the word migrant I did not refer to any state, any race or religion", he explained.