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10 months after sinking, submarine INS Sindhurakshak salvaged

PTI 06 Jun 2014, 23:55:39 IST
Mumbai: Almost 10 months after submarine INS Sindhurakshak sank after an accident killing 18 sailors, it has been fished out of the water, official sources said here Friday.

The Russian-built Kilo-Class submarine was lifted out of its watery grave a couple of days ago using specialized equipment, hoisted on a barge and later towed for anchoring in a dry dock in the Naval Dockyard.

It will now undergo detailed investigations by naval experts to ascertain the cause of the Aug.15 early morning explosion and fire when it was undergoing some repairs.

The probe - supplementing a Board of Enquiry's preliminary report - would attempt to find out whether there is any possibility to repair and make the 2,300 tonne submarine seaworthy.

However, in view of the long time it remained sunken under the Arabian Sea waters and the damage it suffered due to the explosion and fire besides natural wear-and-tear, the second option is virtually ruled out and it may be officially decommissioned, according to sources.