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Sulabh to build toilets in all the houses of Baduan village

PTI 01 Jun 2014, 17:08:23 IST
Lucknow: Sulabh International will construct toilets in all the houses of Katra Shahadatganj village of Baduan, where two sisters were allegedly gang-raped and murdered last week while they went to relive themselves in fields.

“Any woman defecating in the open is vulnerable and the central government must acknowledge the issue. Resources will only pour in then,” Sulabh founder Bindeshwar Pathak said.

According to the WHO, around 65 per cent of people in villages defecate in the open in the country.  The NGO, which works in the field of low-cost sanitation, also appealed to the top business houses to adopt at least one village to end the practice of open defecation “at the earliest”.

Pathak said the NGO will start the work of building toilets from tomorrow.

“A team of sanitation workers and engineers from Sulabh will visit the village to start toilet construction work from tomorrow. We have ask our team to construct toilet with highest pace,” Pathak said.