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Supreme Court refrains from giving reasons to remove Ranjit Sinha from 2G case

PTI 20 Nov 2014, 20:29:53 PM IST

New Delhi:  The Supreme Court today refrained from delivering an elaborate order with reasons on removal of CBI Director Ranjit Sinha from the 2G spectrum scam probe and trial, saying that such endeavour may damage and tarnish the image and reputation of the “great institution”.  

“To protect the faith in the institution and reputation of Director, CBI, we are not focusing on elaborate reasons and it is suffice to say information furnished by applicants prima facie appears to be credible and therefore required to be accepted and let nobody say we have not given reasons” a bench headed by Chief Justice H L Dattu said in its brief order.  

It said people from some quarters may say that reasons should be there in the order but “we are not giving elaborate reasons as CBI has reputation and it shall not be tarnished”.  

An indication in this regard was given just before the lunch break when Sinha's counsel and senior advocate Vikas Singh was asked to explore the available options to wriggle out the director with the bench observing that “it appears all is not well” and “prima facie it appears some allegations in the application are credible”.

“Think about (options) before we write the order that may damage the reputation of the great institution in which people have great faith. Before we write pages on order, which may damage the reputation of the organisation, you think over it,” the bench, also comprising justices M B Lokur and A K Sikri, told Sinha's counsel.

However, the counsel said he was appearing for a person who was heading an institution and he would answer and satisfy the bench that all allegations are untrue