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Syenergy Environics chips to shield against radiation

IANS 23 Jun 2015, 15:47:35 IST

New Delhi : Syenergy Environics on Tuesday said it is bringing out low-cost chips and strips for consumers to help them protect from radiation emitted from electronic objects.

The Delhi-based firm provides radiation management and solutions in homes and workspaces to nullify effects of harmful radiations and its clientele exceeds a thousand enterprise customers, including big firms like HPCL, SAIL, Central Bank, Wills Lifestyle and GAAR.

The Envirochip, as the company calls it, is a small rectangular piece of inert material that can be attached to an electronic device like a sticker and it changes the nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from these devices like mobile phones, computers and other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets, making them harmless to our body.

Explaining the need of the Envirochip, Manisha Matanhelia, director of operations, Syenergy Environics, said: "The nature of electromagnetic radiation from any electronic gadget is constant, whereas the nature of radiation from the human body is random."

"Whenever any 'constant' waveform comes in contact with the human body's random waveforms, the body perceives it to be a threat and tries to fight it, just like when a harmful bacteria or virus has entered the body," she added.

"Our Envirochip is made up of inert materials which operate at a much higher frequency than the microwave radiations from smart devices and hence change the waveform of radiation from constant to random, so that it is no longer alien and harmful for the human body," she said.

The CE certified chips will be available for a range of devices, starting from Rs.500.

The chip for a laptop or desktop, which is the highest, will cost Rs.1,100.