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Team Anna Asks Supporters To Stage Protest Near PM Residence

PTI 25 Aug 2011, 14:44:38 IST

New Delhi, Aug 25: With government hardening its posture, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on the tenth day of his fast stood up on the dais to appeal to his supporters to stage protest outside the Prime Minister's residence today at 5 PM. 

"Doctors have checked my health. There is nothing to worry. I have only lost 6.5 kgs", said Hazare to loud applause from supporters.

"There is no difficulty at the moment. I have full faith in you and the media present here, who are giving me great energy to carrry on the fight", he added.

"So long as the Lokpal bill doesn't come, I will not die", said Hazare to his supporters. "So long as I have life in my body, I will carry on the fight", he added.

The septuagenarian loudly chanted slogans Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram and Inquilab Zindabad on the mike to loud cheers from supporters. Soon after, a member of Team Anna asked supporters to stage rally near PM's residence at 5 PM today.