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Techie Molested On New Year Eve In Bangalore

PTI 01 Jan 2010, 11:57:01 IST

A software engineer leaving a New Year's Eve party said she was molested a little past midnight next to a police outpost in Central Bangalore. The victim claimed the police did not come to her aid even when she requested help, reports Mid Day.

After leaving a party on St Mark's Road with her friends, The lady software engineer with Accenture who hails from Assam, was looking for an autorickshaw near the LIC Building when an unknown assailant allegedly grabbed her from behind.

The lady said the man was drunk and asked her to submit to his wishes. The accused forcibly groped the victim's breasts on the road even as she said she tried to resist him.

The victim said she fought off the molester, who fled the scene before she could catch him. When she approached the nearest police officer, the lady said she was told in a non-committal manner that the matter would be looked into later.

After this, she turned to MiD DAY to make her ordeal known, narrating her sordid experience from the very spot the incident happened. She blamed police for their lack of response to emergencies like hers.

"I am very upset with the police," the lady (name withheld) said, speaking to MiD DAY over the phone. "If things like this happen to a software engineer, you can imagine what must be happening to a common woman?"

A male friend, who was with the lady at the time but refused to be named, said, "The people of Bangalore do not fear the law. Despite being accompanied by me, she was attacked. Imagine what can happen to a lone woman. This is just not done."

Police officials said there was a huge crowd presence in the area at the time, making it difficult to control and monitor things.