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Old, abandoned jails in Telangana to be turned into museums

PTI 28 Aug 2014, 8:06:41 AM IST
Hyderabad: All old and abandoned jails in Telangana state will be converted into museums in a bid to link the prison department to society for its betterment, a top official said here yesterday.

"In the first phase, Sangareddy Jail will be turned into a museum to promote local culture, history, art and language.

This is the most innovative and the first endeavour in our country. Our ideas is to link the jail department to the society for its betterment," Director General (Telangana-Prisons) V K Singh told reporters here Wednesday.

Singh said that a shopping complex will come up near Chenchalguda prison as part of the initiative.

"We want to give a proud look to jail campuses. We are launching a My Nation shopping complex near Chenchalguda prison, which will be the best shopping place in Hyderabad old city. We are also constructing a new headquarters for DG Prisons, Telangana State," he said.

"In our efforts to make Telangana Prisons, one of the best Prisons and correctional Service Department, Telangana state sent six teams so far to Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan to study the best practices of jail administration," Singh added.