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Telangana state song 'Jaya jayahe Telangana' composed by an illiterate poet

India TV News Desk 02 Jun 2014, 8:30:46 IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Telangana has been born as 29th state and the state song has been composed by Ande Sri, who is an illiterate and unlettered man.

He has composed thousands of songs, but never got an opportunity to go to school.

Since he was an orphan, we was taken care of by Jakkareddy Mallareddy, whom he describes as 'guru'. He was a shephered boy and never attended school.

Seeing his talent and ability honorary doctorate has been given to him. He has unique ability to grasp details immediately, which helps him excel in his field. He has composed 3,000 poems.

The song "Jaya jayahe Telangana Jananni Jana Kethanam” is already fairly popular as some schools are reciting it in the morning prayers.

He, however, added that he had no official word that the song has been selected as the Telangana state song.

The song has 11 satnzas in all and four stanzas have been chosen for official state song, if the reports are correct.

Ande Sri, 53, was born in Rebarthi village in Warangal district describes himself as an 'ekasandagrahi' - one who has the unique ability to grasp anything immediately.

Though he has never been to school and never learnt alphabets, the fact that the Kakatiya University in Warangal bestowed an honorary doctorate on him speaks for Ande Sri's talent and ability.

He was also given another honorary doctorate Apart from numerous songs, he has also composed 3,000 poems.