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Aaj Ki Baat: The casteist face of Bihar Police

India TV News Desk 23 Jun 2015, 0:00:45 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Even in the era of twentyfirst century , how Bihar police is engulfed in the casteism of eighteenth century can be clearly seen in the kitchens of the police aarracks in Bihar.
Interestingly, several kitchens which prepare food for the police personnel staying in police line quarters have been divided on the basis of thier caste.  The people who join the Bihar police are asked about their caste and then accordingly their room and kitchen are allocated

In an exclusive report from Gaya in Bihar where several Kitchens have been allocated based on the various castes of Bihar. The police line in Gaya has a total of 11 kitchens which have been designed and located according to a particular caste.
It is said that every individual is equal before the eyes of law but strangely the policemen in Bihar who are also the guardian of law are themselves being divided on the basis of their caste.
If a police personnel belonging to a different caste goes to kitchen and asks for food, that police man is not only insulted but also denied from having foods from different kitchens.They are divided separately and also in different barracks for Brahmins, Rajputs, Bhumhihars and Harijans
When asked about the ongoing casteist procedure that is going on, the DGP of Bihar Police has directly denied of having knowledge about any such incident but assured to look into this matter if someone brings it before him.

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