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'Too much politics' in Rahul Gandhi's speech, students disappointed

India TV News Desk 16 Jan 2016, 17:19:51 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi's address at a management college in Mumbai has been accused of containing ‘too much politics' by the students. They feel that the Congress Vice-President seemed to be trying too hard to establish connect with them.

Partly satisfied by the speech, the students said he could have thrown some more light on his vision of politics.

"The address was fair and he made some good points but he brought too much politics into it. Considering that it was interaction with students, had he been more apolitical, it would have made a link with us," said an MBA finance student. 

Talking about implementation of the GST Bill, Gandhi said it was Congress which brought in the legislation and the BJP later stopped it in Parliament for seven years. He further said his party did not want a cap on the tax and a fair and neutral dispute resolution.

Reacting to his observations on the GST, a student said, "Rahul Gandhi's speech was fair, but could have got more details about certain things. Like if the GST is stalled because of two points, government and the opposition should find a mechanism to get it through."

"As a common man, I am not interested in politics and disappointed with the delay (in passage of the bill)," he added.

Another student said it was time that Indian politicians get over with "tit-for-tat" brand of politics. "A country cannot run on tit-for-tat brand of politics. Opposition should and government should work in coordination," he said.

"His speech was fair, but he just highlighted NREGA a lot and its process. He should have been more focused and told us his vision," observed a girl student who had also posed a question to Gandhi in the Q&A session. 

(With inputs from PTI)