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Top 5 winter festivals in India

India TV News Desk 19 Dec 2014, 13:32:05 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Are you looking to travel, want to go for a hangout to some beautiful place that you have never traveled before?  Many of us though living in India are not aware what sort of places and how many types of festivals are popular in India and among them also winter festivals.

As winter has almost arrived in India and vacations of your kids are soon going to start in early December- you must be planning for some place to visit. Why not enjoy the winter festivals with your kids? Don't worry if you are single. You can make out plans with your friends. The main motto is not to miss the exhilarating experience that will lift you up, right? Do spend the year with a meaningful note in your life!

So, here are the places where winter festivals are waiting to welcome you in the month of December.