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When in India - travel with 'Indian Railways', and here's why you must!

India TV News Desk 08 Nov 2014, 13:59:02 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Traveling is always fun, whether it is for a reason or without it...

For traveling in a country like India, that too with Indian Railway is the most convenient, pocket-friendly, and fun-filled choice you'll ever make. It has almost become the lifeline for every Indian, who has been living far away from loved ones, family members and relatives.

Despite bridging the gap between two cities or states, Railway has much more to offer to it loyal customers, i.e. adventurous and joyful journey.

You can literally live the ‘feeling' only when you travel yourself and explore...


1.  Catching the train at the last minute, amid the hustle and bustle, along with your luggage is an uphill task worth appreciation.




2.  Window seat is always a subject for quarrel between the children, aunties, uncles and even oldies.




3.  'Chai-Chai', 'Bisleri-Juice-Chips', 'Batata Vada lelo' - is something you are greeted with every now and then!



4. Picturesque landscapes, tunnels, brides, hills: yes that's the view from your window!



5.   You can always play antakshari, dumb charades, playing cards or other games to pass your time, that too with total strangers!



6.   The food always tastes good when you are eating it in the train.



7. Stops in-the-way of destination station, always gives you a chance to get down, feel the air and get refreshed.



8. The scared look of 'ticket-less' passengers, even the sense of TT coming makes them rush to toilets.



10.  People walking up to doors is their trademark ‘Sutta' adda.



10.   Sleeping on bed is nothing compared to the joy of sleeping on train berth (that too with those slight-jolts).



11.  Cheerful people from all walks of life make your journey more joyful.


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