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Trinamool Congress MLA alleges police attack on his car, vows legal action

PTI 05 Jun 2014, 6:24:48 AM IST
Kolkata: Trinamool Congress MLA Arjun Singh yesterday alleged that his car was attacked by police when he was passing by the Baranagar Police Station area last evening.  

Police, however, denied any such incident.  “When I was returning home, a group of 30-40 policemen attacked my vehicle in front of the Baranagar Police Station with lathis... I was left surprised as to why a ruling party MLA was attacked by the police.. They left after public chased them,” Singh told PTI.

“I am going to take legal action against the police and lodge an official complaint with the Barrackpore CP tomorrow,” Singh said.

DC, DD Barrackpore Police Commissionerate C Sudhakar, however, denied the incident saying police were only doing their routine checking.

“We were conducting a routine check-up of vehicles and we did not know the MLA was inside the car.. After seeing him, we said sorry and left,” Sudhakar said rubbishing Singh's claim of police attacking his vehicle.

“Nothing of that sort happened. Only his respect might have been hurt but we apologised,” the officer said.