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Twins Marry Twins In Karnataka

PTI 03 Dec 2010, 11:00:24 IST
For Vishnumurthy Udupa and his wife, Shanta, it was long-cherished dream come true. The couple had found the ideal match for their daughters - a set of identical twins, reports Bangalore Mirror.
The twins were married off to a set of another twins on Friday at the Sathya Pamoda Kalyana Mandapa in front of National College, Basavangudi.
Savitha and Kavitha Udupa were born 24 years ago.

“Shastra says that twins should marry twins and therefore when the girls grew up, we put the word out that we were looking for twin brothers for them,” Vishnumurthy told Bangalore Mirror.

“The girls grew up together. They have gone through life's experiences together,” their mother Shanta said. “I wanted them to live together even after marriage as well. If we had not found twins, we would then have considered brothers. But we were certain that we would find the ideal match for them,” says Shanta.

Their friends and relatives had warned them of the futility of the task, but in May this year, Vishnumurthy and Shanta began their search by sending the horoscopes of the girls to matchmakers in their community.
Amazingly, the first proposal that came was from Subramanya and Surendra Rao, identical twins aged 28. Everything then fell into place.

“We met the family in June, the engagement happened in July and a decision was made to have the wedding in December. Call it coincidence or destiny,” the girls' brother Prasanna said.
Matchmakers Bangalore Mirror spoke to said they had neither heard nor witnessed nuptials of this sort. “It's very rare,” was their collective reaction.

But Savitha, the older of the twins, and Kavitha, while thrilled, were unsurprised with the unusual match. “We knew our parents would find the match for us,” both girls chorused.

So how did they decide who would wed whom? “We were born eleven minutes apart and they are born eight minutes apart. So Savitha is marrying the older twin (Subramanya) and I'm marrying Surendra. Thank god we liked them in that order,” joked Kavitha.

The girls are easily identifiable thanks to a mole on Kavitha's upper lip, but the boys are identical. Savitha, however, put notions of mistaken identity quickly at rest.

“They are the same in every way - in height, build and the way they comb their hair. But we have been seeing them for the last six months and know the subtle differences in them. So no, there has been no confusion and we hope there will be none,” Savitha said with an impish grin.

The boys' father said: “One of them works for Volvo and the other works for a private company that supplies materials to the Defence Research and Development Organisation.”

Subramanya and Surendra say marriage wasn't on their minds, although their parents were looking for a suitable match.
“Our parents wanted twin sisters for us,” they said. “But we were still not keen on marriage. However, the girls changed our mind. It is a lucky co-incidence that we both liked the sisters,” they said.

Vishnumurthy said: “We can look at it logically and try and analyse it any which way we want to, but I think there is only one explanation to this marriage - destiny.”