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Shocking: 3-year-old charged with robbery, theft by UP police

India TV News Desk 24 Jun 2014, 9:58:59 AM IST
India TV News Desk
Jhansi: Uttar Pradesh police seems to top the chart for being a controversy king, this time it is receiving criticism for charging a  3-year-old girl child, Ati –Ullah, with robbery, theft in Jhansi.

Girl's native here told that the case against Ati –Ullah was filed on 8th of July 2013 by a man named Aamir Ali.

Police filed the case against Ullah family including the 3- year-old child without investigating the report.

Police here have also issued notice against the child. Girl's family has now filed a petition to District Magistrate seeking an action against Jhansi Police for false allegations on the child.