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UP police unveils traffic mobile squad in Lucknow

PTI 11 Jun 2012, 20:10:51 IST
Lucknow, Jun 11: Uttar Pradesh police on Sunday launched traffic mobile squad to manage irregular traffic jams at intersections, which otherwise witness normal and smooth traffic movement in the city during a better part of the day.

Comprising a set of two policemen armed with a pistol, the squad is provided with a customised motorcycle, which is equipped with a public address system, emergency blinkers and sirens apart from a wireless set.

There are a number of points where extra hands are required for smooth movement of traffic during particular hours.  

Deploying extra hands at such locations for entire day leads to waste of man power, as apart from the particular duration of crises, no additional manpower is needed at that particular point of time.  

Similarly, at times where there is a breakdown of any vehicle in the middle of the road, it leads to traffic jams and the commuters are left at the mercy of the cops at the local police station.

In case, there are no free hands at the police station or it takes much time for the cops to reach the site, the situation turns grim.  

Initially, the Lucknow district police chief will himself supervise the movement and deployment of these traffic mobiles and once the scheme of things fall in place, the entire management will be shifted to a gazetted rank of the Lucknow traffic police department.