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Use My Premises For Movement: Varun Gandhi To Hazare

PTI 06 Aug 2011, 22:42:36 IST

Lucknow, Aug 6: BJP MP Varun Gandhi today said that in case government fails to provide a place to social activist Anna Hazare, for his fast for a “strong” Lokpal Bill starting August 16, his premises in Delhi was open for him.

The refusal of permission for a public demonstration is indicative of an elected government's readiness to wage war with its own electorate over the Lokpal Institution, Gandhi said in a statement.

“If the government does not offer a public place for Anna Hazare's fast, I am proud to offer him my house and official residence as MP and I hope he will avail of the offer,” he added.

“Current institutions like the CBI have been corroded by misuse. We have ceased to be shocked by scams running into 1,70,000 crores. We see denials, and committees that come and go without offenders being punished or any money being returned to the public coffer,” he said.

Anna Hazare is not just a man, he is a movement, a way towards honesty and accountability, a way towards a clean and prosperous India, he said. PTI