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Uttarakhand government approves pension scheme for farmers

PTI 06 Jun 2014, 6:38:37 IST
Dehradun: Ahead of the Gairsain assembly session, Uttarakhand cabinet yesterday approved two popular schemes including a pension scheme for farmers and a scheme to air-lift doctors to remote areas of the state.  

Both the decisions were taken in the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Harish Rawat in Almora yesterday, official sources said.

The pension scheme would benefit all those farmers doing farming on two hectare piece of land, the sources said, adding that farmers will get a monthly pension of Rs 800 under this scheme.

Under the air-lift scheme, doctors and pharmacists along with medicines will be air-lifted to remote villages, where they will attend to patients for a month and then will be replaced by another group of doctors.  

A committee led by state finance minister Indira Hridyesh was also constituted to look into suggestions for increasing the honorarium of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors.  

Besides, cabinet approved a grant of Rs 50 crore to Gairsain development authority and Rs 50 crore each to Purola and Almora to conserve their rich religious and cultural heritage.

The cabinet decided to dedicate its forthcoming Gairsain assembly session commencing on June 9 to education and agriculture.

All issues relating to education and agriculture would be discussed freely in the assembly session, the sources added.