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Varanasi boy creates 'Facebook Gun Operator'

India TV News Desk 13 Aug 2014, 19:19:33 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Varanasi: In one of the most important discovery to strengthen the defence structure of our country, a Varanasi-based boy has developed a gun which functions via social networking site Facebook.

Shayam Chourasiya, a student of Ashoka Institute of Technology & Management, Varanasi, has named this creative innovation ‘Facebook Gun Operator'.

When asked how this functions, Shayam said the idea came from Facebook and hence it was named ‘Facebook Gun Operator'. The gun is connected with a laptop via internet. There is a human censor installed inside the body of this gun. The moment an enemy will come in its range, it will send an indication to the control room enabling a soldier to fire it accordingly.

“There is also a webcam installed on the top of the gun allowing soldiers to fix their point before firing,” he said.

There is a secret code to operate this gun. Before operating it, a soldier needs to match his finger print with the secret code. Shayam said that the moment finger print and code will match, an auto-generated message will be sent from one laptop to another.

Shayam said the motive behind this invention was to ensure safety of soldiers.

“Our soldiers can use this gun from a safe place as the range is unlimited. It took almost 11 years to complete this task,” he said.

Furthermore, Shyam said that in a situation where internet connection is not available, the censor will automatically sense the presence of enemy around it and help soldiers to fire. He, however, said that during this period the range will reduce to 10 to 12 kms.

Meanwhile, Ankit Maurya, chairman of Ashoka Institute of Technology & Management, Varanasi, said that he will write a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra apprising him about this discovery.

“Shyam Chourasiya has really done a remarkable job. We will write to the Defence Minister and Prime Minister and make them aware about this ‘Facebook Operator Gun'. This will boost our military capability,” Ankit said.

In past, former President APJ Abdul Kalam had appreciated Shayam's work on several occasions and provided him with financial aids.