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Varun Gandhi To Bring In Anna Version As Private Bill

PTI 17 Aug 2011, 7:24:17 IST

New Delhi, August 17: BJP MP Varun Gandhi, who had last week offered his residence to Anna Hazare for holding his fast, on Tuesday said he plans to introduce Hazare's version of the Lokpal Bill as a private member's bill in Parliament. “I will do that this week,” the MP from Pilibhit said.

In an attempt at identifying with the youth of the country supporting Hazare's movement against corruption, the young Gandhi said in a statement, “Like crores of Indians, I am shocked and ashamed by the arrest of Anna Hazare. On the morning after Independence Day, we have woken up to what kind of freedom we, the people of this country actually have.”

On whether he had his party's support on the issue, Gandhi said, “What is of greater interest to me is whether the nation is benefiting.”

On how far he would go to support Hazare and his team, Varun said, “I will do what I can. I feel that when somebody is putting himself on the line for the future of the country and for the future of everyone, it is ...very heartening.”

Stressing that politicians “should do what people wanted”, Gandhi said, “I believe politicians need to reflect the mood of the country rather than reject it.... This artificial line that is being drawn between polity and so-called civil society is not good for the country.”

”Anna may be in jail, but this struggle shall continue. Parliament is a forum to reflect public opinion and effect meaningful change, not a means to shield autocratic and dishonest governance. I intend to table in Parliament, this Friday, as a private member's Bill the Lokpal Bill as drafted by Anna Hazare,” he said.